промты для Midjourney

Крутые промты для Midjourney (список на 60 примеров в разных стилях)

Хотите делать пачками красивые картинки через Midjourney, но фантазии на крутые запросы не хватает — используйте нашу подборку: промты для Midjourney. Не то что они особенно крутые, но то, что однозначно уникальные промты и составлены нами специально для этой статьи — факт.

Русские нейросети, которые помогут вам создавать красивые описания к фото или публикациям в соцсетях. 

  1. Apihost.ru — озвучка и текст
  2. Turbologo.ru — создание логотипов
  3. Davinchi.org — сделать SEO-статью
  4. Neuro-texter.ru — сгенерировать текст
  5. Aisearch.ru — текст, код и картинки
  6. Zvukogram — аудио в текст

Если вы не знали Promt — описание запроса, который вы вводите в бот Midjourney канала на Discord. Именно от качественного промта и завесит результат, который вы получите в итоге. Мы разбили на разные направления, чтобы вам было удобней ориентироваться в направлениях

Таблица основных стилей промтов

Abstract artRealismFantasy
GothicStreet art/graffitiStill life
ExpressionismPop artCyberpunk
Science fictionNoirSteampunk



Основные направления дизайна

Realistic: prompts that aim to create a lifelike image, often based on a reference photo or real-life sceneSurreal: prompts that encourage unusual, dreamlike or impossible imagery, often with a fantastical or mystical theme
Noir: prompts that take inspiration from film noir, often featuring dark, moody lighting, dramatic shadows, and a sense of mystery or dangerAbstract: prompts that focus on shapes, colors, and textures rather than recognizable subjects, allowing for more experimental and unconventional images.
Fantasy: prompts that focus on imaginative and mythical themes, often featuring magical creatures, otherworldly landscapes, and a sense of enchantmentCyberpunk: prompts that draw from science fiction and dystopian themes, often featuring neon lights, futuristic cityscapes, and technology-inspired imagery
Retro: prompts that evoke a sense of nostalgia for a bygone era, often featuring vintage design elements, bold typography, and muted color palettesPop art: prompts that take inspiration from the bold, colorful style of mid-20th century pop art, often featuring flat, graphic shapes and high-contrast color schemes
Minimalist: prompts that challenge the artist to convey a complex concept or subject using as few visual elements as possible, often with a focus on negative space and simplicityRealistic: prompts that aim to create an image that looks as close to real life as possible
Gothic: prompts that evoke dark and ominous themes and typically feature elements such as skulls, crosses, and black clothingSurreal: prompts that mix elements of reality and fantasy to create a dreamlike or bizarre image
Vintage: prompts that use colors, textures, and design elements reminiscent of a particular era in history, such as the 1950s or the Victorian eraSci-fi/futuristic: prompts that feature futuristic technology, space travel, or other sci-fi themes
Romantic: prompts that evoke love, passion, and emotion, often featuring hearts, flowers, and other romantic motifsCartoon: prompts that aim to create a fun and playful image reminiscent of classic animation



Готовые промты для портретов

  • Generate a sci-fi portrait with a purple and blue color scheme, using style #17 and brightness level 0.8.
  • Create a fantasy portrait with a green and gold color scheme, using style #9 and saturation level 0.6.
  • Produce a cyberpunk portrait with a red and black color scheme, using style #23 and contrast level 0.7.
  • Generate a surreal portrait with a pink and yellow color scheme, using style #31 and sharpness level 0.5.
  • Create a gothic portrait with a black and white color scheme, using style #14 and hue level 0.2.
  • Produce a steampunk portrait with a brown and copper color scheme, using style #8 and brightness level 0.6.
  • Generate a pop art portrait with a vibrant color scheme, using style #28 and saturation level 0.9.
  • Create a vintage portrait with a sepia color scheme, using style #11 and contrast level 0.5.
  • Produce a cartoon portrait with a bright and bold color scheme, using style #29 and sharpness level 0.8.
  • Generate a minimalist portrait with a monochromatic color scheme, using style #5 and hue level 0.7.
готический стиль промтов
готический стиль промтов

Готический стиль

  1. Dark makeup with bold eyeliner and deep red lipstick ::5 Intricately braided black hair with small silver accessories ::4 Long black lace dress with velvet accents ::3 Silver and onyx jewelry with intricate designs ::2 Background featuring gothic architecture or cemetery ::1
  2. Add a leather choker with a silver cross pendant ::1 Change the hair color to a bright red ::2 Give the dress a corseted waist and a flowing skirt ::3 Add black feathers to the hair ::4 Place the portrait against a dark, moody background ::5
  3. Black lace dress with a high collar and silver jewelry ::4 Piercing green eyes with thick eyelashes ::3 Inspired by Edgar Allan Poe and Victorian fashion ::2 Pale skin, dark hair and dark makeup with emphasis on the eyes ::5

стиль бохо

Boho Style

  • Messy waves with a flower crown ::5 Earthy makeup with a subtle highlighter and natural lip gloss ::4 Flowing maxi dress with colorful patterns and fringe ::3 Layered jewelry with feathers and stones ::2 Background featuring a sunset or nature scene ::1
promt в стиле рэтро
promt в стиле рэтро

Ретро стиль

  • Victory rolls with a bold red lip ::5 Cat-eye eyeliner with defined brows ::4 Polka-dot or striped dress with a cinched waist ::3 Chunky jewelry with pearls or rhinestones ::2 Background featuring a vintage car or record player ::1


Спортивный стиль

  • High ponytail with a visor or headband ::5 Minimal makeup with tinted lip balm ::4 Athletic tank top or crop top with leggings or shorts ::3 Simple stud earrings and a watch ::2 Background featuring a gym or outdoor sports setting ::1

интересные промты


  1. Long, wavy hair with braids and a flower crown ::5 Flowy maxi dress with ethnic prints ::4 Brown eyes with long, curly lashes ::3 Inspired by the 1960s hippie movement ::2



  1. Bright red lipstick and rosy cheeks ::5 Curly hair with a floral headband ::4 Polka-dot dress with a sweetheart neckline and a full skirt ::3 Bold, blue eyes with winged eyeliner ::2 Inspired by 1940s Hollywood glamour ::1
  2. Add a white fur stole ::1 Change the hair color to a platinum blonde ::2 Give the dress a halter neck and a pencil skirt ::3 Add a pair of red high heels ::4 Place the portrait against a retro wallpaper background ::5


Для логотипов

Modern and minimalist logo with bold sans-serif font and geometric shapes ::5Vintage-inspired logo with distressed textures and retro typography ::4Nature-inspired logo with a botanical illustration and handwritten script font ::3
High-tech and futuristic logo with metallic accents and sleek, sans-serif typography ::2Playful and colorful logo with a hand-drawn illustration and playful script font ::1Simple geometric shapes with bold colors ::1 Thin lines and muted colors for an elegant look ::2 Monochromatic color scheme for a minimalist feel ::3 Clean sans-serif font with lowercase letters ::4 Negative space design for a modern touch ::5
Simple geometric shapes in black and white ::5 Single letter in a bold font with a subtle color gradient ::5 Basic line art illustration with thin lines and negative space ::5 Abstract symbol in a monochromatic color scheme ::5 Clean typography with sans-serif fonts and bold lettering ::5Bold typography with curved letters and bright colors ::5 Illustrative elements with a vintage feel and muted color palette ::5 Rounded shapes and patterns reminiscent of the 80s ::5 Iconic symbols from the 50s and 60s in bright colors ::5 Simple line art illustrations with bold outlines and muted colors ::5Cursive script with a hand-drawn look ::5 Doodled illustrations with playful handwritten text ::5 Calligraphy with flourishes and swashes ::5 Brush lettering with thick and thin strokes ::5 Graffiti-inspired typography with bold lettering and bright colors ::5
Bold typography with serif fonts and strong lines ::5 Simple, abstract symbols in a monochromatic color scheme ::5 Sleek and modern logos with negative space ::5 Professional, clean typography with sans-serif fonts ::5 Geometric shapes with sharp edges and bold lines ::5Geometric shapes arranged in a fragmented and abstract way, with bold and contrasting colors for a modern look. ::5Emulating the style of cubist painters such as Picasso and Braque, using a muted color palette and incorporating overlapping shapes and lines to create an abstract and sophisticated logo. ::5
Using a monochromatic color scheme and incorporating typography with a strong emphasis on the use of angles and sharp edges for a minimalist and sleek design. ::5Experimenting with texture and layering, combining angular and curved elements to create an intricate and dynamic logo that plays with the viewer’s perception. ::5Incorporating elements of the cubist style into a more traditional logo design, using geometric shapes and muted colors to create a unique and memorable brand identity. ::5
Distressed textures and warm color palette for a retro look ::1 Serif fonts with ornamental details for a classic feel ::2 Hand-drawn illustrations for a rustic vibe ::3 Faded colors and aged paper textures for a weathered look ::4 Emulate vintage signs with bold fonts and bright colors ::5Use bold and contrasting colors for a striking look ::1 Create a dynamic design with gradients and shadows ::2 Mix bold typography with geometric shapes ::3 Use minimalism for a clean, contemporary look ::4 Experiment with asymmetric layouts and negative space ::5Incorporate organic shapes and soft color palette ::1 Use hand-drawn illustrations of leaves or flowers ::2 Emulate the texture of natural materials like wood or stone ::3
Incorporate animal silhouettes or tracks for a wilderness feel ::4 Use the color palette of a specific landscape or environment ::5
Use a clean, sans-serif font with uppercase letters ::1 Emphasize geometric shapes and angles for a futuristic look ::2 Use a bold color scheme with bright accents ::3 Incorporate circuit board-inspired patterns or symbols ::4 Create a simplified illustration of a tech gadget or tool ::5Classic serif font with distressed texture ::1 Circular shape with border and inner stripe ::2 Bold and contrasting colors with vintage palette ::3 Hand-drawn illustrations or icons ::4 Distressed or textured background ::5Modern Minimal Logo Sans-serif font with clean and simple design ::1 Geometric shapes with abstract or minimalist elements ::2  Monochromatic or muted color palette ::3 Negative space or subtle gradients ::4 Simple and versatile design that works well in various applications ::5
Handwritten or organic font with natural texture ::1 Botanical or animal illustrations or icons ::2 Earthy color palette with green, brown, or blue hues ::3 Simplified or stylized elements inspired by nature ::4 Incorporation of natural textures or patterns ::5Bold and futuristic font with metallic or neon effect ::1 Geometric shapes or lines with retro-inspired colors ::2 Distorted or glitch effects ::3 Sci-fi or technology-inspired elements ::4 Futuristic background with abstract or cosmic patterns ::5Script or hand-drawn font with natural or organic texture ::1 Hand-drawn illustrations or icons with unique style ::2 Warm and earthy color palette with artisanal feel ::3 Emphasis on handmade or craft elements ::4 Distressed or textured background with handmade feel ::5
Square icon with rounded corners :: 1 Thin sans-serif font with sharp edges :: 2 Black and white color scheme :: 3 Icon and text aligned to the left :: 4 Icon with a thin stroke border :: 5Rounded icon with grunge texture :: 1 Bold serif font with distressed effect :: 2 Warm color palette with muted tones :: 3  Icon and text centered and stacked :: 4 Icon with a drop shadow effect :: 5Oval icon with floral elements :: 1 Script font with swashes and ligatures :: 2 Gold and white color scheme :: 3  Icon and text aligned to the right :: 4 Icon with a gradient fill :: 5



Для генерации аниме

Soft, pastel colors with a playful expression and a side ponytail. ::5 Pink hair with a slight curl and a thin hairband. ::2 Green eyes with long, thick lashes. ::3
A small smile and a tilted head. ::4  A light pink background with some flowers. ::1 Acute outfit with a collar and a ribbon. ::5
Bold, vibrant colors with a serious expression and short hair. ::5 Blue hair with choppy layers and a side part. ::2 Red eyes with a stern look. ::3 A neutral expression with a slight frown. ::4 A dark blue background with some abstract shapes. ::1 A military-inspired outfit with a high collar and gold accents. ::5
Moody, dark colors with a contemplative expression and long hair. ::5 Black hair with a messy bun and a few loose strands. ::2  Grey eyes with a hint of sadness. ::3
3 A downturned gaze and a subtle smile. ::4 A dark purple background with some wispy smoke. ::1  A flowing dress with lace accents and a choker necklace. ::5
Bright, cheerful colors with a confident expression and braided hair. ::5 Blonde hair with two braids and some decorative beads. ::2 Green eyes with a spark of mischief. ::3 A wide smile and a raised eyebrow. ::4 A sunny yellow background with some geometric patterns. ::1 A sporty outfit with shorts and a tank top. ::5
Cool, muted colors with a calm expression and short hair. ::5 Silver hair with a sleek, modern cut. ::2  Blue eyes with a serene gaze. ::3  A subtle smirk and a tilted head. ::4
A grey background with some tech-inspired graphics. ::1  A minimalist outfit with a tailored jacket and skinny pants. ::5
Soft and feminine anime portrait with pastel colors:
• Soft facial features and big round eyes ::4
• Long wavy hair with a flower hairpin ::2
• A light blush on cheeks and nose ::1
• Pastel color scheme with pink and lavender tones ::5
• A delicate ribbon choker necklace ::3
Bold and edgy anime portrait with dark tones: Sharp facial features and piercing eyes ::5 Short choppy hair with a dramatic side-sweep ::3  Heavy eyeliner and dark lipstick ::4 Dark color scheme with black, purple, and red tones ::5 An edgy accessory like a studded choker or leather cuff ::2Cute and playful anime portrait with bright colors: Round facial features and big sparkly eyes ::4 Long pigtails or twin buns with colorful hair ties ::3 A big smile with a hint of tongue sticking out ::2 A vibrant color scheme with bright pink, yellow, and blue tones ::5 A cute accessory like a bow headband or heart-shaped earrings ::1
Mysterious and alluring anime portrait with cool tones: Sharp and angular facial features with intense eyes ::5 Sleek and straight hair with a dark ombre effect ::4 A subtle smirk or pouty lips ::3 A cool color scheme with blue, gray, and silver tones ::5 A bold accessory like a statement necklace or large hoop earrings ::2Dreamy and ethereal anime portrait with soft tones: Soft and rounded facial features with a gentle smile ::4 Long flowing hair with soft waves and a floral crown ::5 A hint of shimmer or glitter on eyes and lips ::2 A soft color scheme with peach, ivory, and gold tones ::5 A delicate accessory like a dainty chain bracelet or floral earrings ::1


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